Spanish cleaning association added 5,000 new workers during pandemic year

The Spanish contract cleaning association ASPEL has published its annual report and revealed that it recruited 5,000 new workers to the sector during the pandemic year. This is despite the enormous challenges being faced by the industry as a whole during 2020.
Presenting the findings of the report, President Juan Díez de los Ríos predicted a good economic recovery for 2021 due to the fact cleaning has now been recognized as such an essential activity.
ASPEL represents over 50 per cent of the professional cleaning sector with more than 135,000 workers and businesses accounting for more than 25 per cent of total turnover. Díez de los Ríos highlighted the fact the sector had lost over 4,500 employees in 2020 compared to the previous year – almost the same as ASPEL added.
Economic losses are estimated to be around six per cent due to the “stoppage of all activities,” Díez de los Ríos continued.
“The closure of shops, airports, hotels and tourist areas has had a great impact on the cleaning sector, which has played an essential role since the beginning of the pandemic to contain the coronavirus,” he said.
“Not only that, thousands of employees have been affected by the Temporary Employment Regulations and many companies in the sector have disappeared.”
Overdue payment by public administrations continues to be an enormous challenge for the cleaning sector in Spain, as this year’s report proved. In fact the amount owed increased by 6.14 per cent to almost €400 million. The law requiring payment to be made after 30 days is simply not being complied with.


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