Interclean Istanbul 2019 set to deliver the most special show yet


Following the incredible spectacle of Interclean Istanbul 2017, the 2019 edition of the region’s showpiece professional cleaning exhibition returns to Turkey for yet another exciting global get-together.

On 10 April 2019, Interclean will arrive in Istanbul once more to bring cleaning and hygiene professionals together from around the world. The last exhibition attracted more than 2,000 visitors from over 100 countries – and the 2019 show will build on that to offer delegates an ever-more international outlook on the industry.

A celebration of our global community
Interclean Istanbul 2019 is all set to become the most diverse and exciting edition of the region’s premier professional cleaning show. With more than 80 countries already represented by registered delegates, exhibitors (a third of whom are international organisations) will have the chance to share their products, solutions and services with a wider audience than ever before.

As in previous years, the number of visitors from Northern Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East is incredibly high. The best-represented nations include Lebanon, Pakistan, Georgia, Saudi Arabia and Romania – demonstrating just how strong the regional industries in these countries are.

Explore an exhibition unlike any other
Among the many reasons drawing delegates to the Istanbul Convention Centre in April are the various specialties on show that make Interclean such a unique proposition for professionals.

Management & Mobility Solutions will play a huge role not just in the show but the future of the industry itself. This is reflected by the introduction of a dedicated pavilion where businesses can gain a greater understanding of how E-cleaning will transform the way they work forever.

The Healthcare Cleaning Forum MENA Regional Forum is another key addition to the programme. The first-ever event of its kind in the area, it will offer delegates invaluable new healthcare cleaning insight from experts like Professor Didier Pittet, Ermira Tartari and Alexandra Peters – plus a speech from Turkey’s Deputy Minister for Health, Professor Emine Alp.

Alongside seminars, it will also feature demonstrations and opportunities for organisations to ask the questions that matter to them.

Discover the future of the Circular Economy
Following its success at Interclean Amsterdam 2018, Zero Waste will again be high on the agenda of this year’s show in Istanbul. Many more organisations are beginning to understand the benefits of the Circular Economy, which will give them the ability to deliver on the moral imperative to consume more consciously and operate more sustainably.

Interclean Istanbul 2019 will build on its support for the Zero Waste Turkey initiative by helping delegates to understand how they (and their organisations) can use their resources more effectively and cut down on their consumption. This includes the return of the Zero Waste Lab – a popular workshop that shows companies how to drastically reduce their waste footprint.

Build a network to support your business
Another major draw for delegates of Interclean shows around the world is the platform it provides for effective networking. Interclean Istanbul 2019 will take this commitment to a new level, introducing many new collaborations with local and regional associations – helping visitors to meet industry peers and complementary businesses.

Association partnerships for Interclean Istanbul 2019 will include TESHIAD, the Turkish cleaning industry association; NXT, a leader in supporting businesses to grow in emerging markets; and the World Health Organization.

In addition to this, the show will feature a cooperation with the Marmara Municipalities Union (MMU), the oldest and largest local government association in Turkey. Part of the Turkish Ministry of Health, it’s an influential organisation with almost 200 members and a valuable group to have at Interclean Istanbul 2019.

Register now to be part of Turkey’s top cleaning event Interclean Istanbul will be a show like no other, bringing industry professionals together to share products, solutions and big ideas for the future of cleaning. It will provide an environment in which anything is possible and seemingly insurmountable challenges are overcome. Don’t miss out on your ticket to the future of professional cleaning and hygiene.

Register now to become part of something bigger.

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