The cotton towel roll


Hygienic and environmentally friendly

Hygienic and pleasant to the touch: single-use cotton hand towels are well received by guests in public washrooms. Operators benefit from the advantages of the rental system combined with a great environmental record.

The perfect duo: Cotton towel rolls and public washrooms

We have all seen them before: cotton towel rolls for drying hands. They can be found in public toilets at service stations and train stations as well as in workplaces and restaurants. So why do so many washroom operators opt for this classic solution? The answer is simple: cotton towel rolls are both handy and environmentally friendly.

Every single user is provided with a clean and individual segment of cotton towel. This is ensured via the retraction system integrated in the cotton towel dispenser: The used segment of towel is automatically retracted into the dispenser. The 2-chamber system means that the fresh part of the roll within the system is kept separate from the used part.

Multi-talented cotton towel rolls

As well as great hygiene, cotton towel rolls boast far more positive properties than one would initially assume:

  • Improved drying effect: The cotton material absorbs the moisture effectively and is also gentle on the skin.
  • Good abrasion effect: The skin is gently massaged and any remaining dirt particles are removed from the skin.
  • Improved sense of cleanliness: The combination of freshly washed and well dried hands communicates a wonderful feeling of cleanliness

Cotton towel roll: Hygienic thanks to professional washing

After use, the cotton towel rolls are washed in our high-tech laundries. Many of our laundries are certified according to the most stringent hygiene standard for textiles, DIN EN 14065 / RABC (Risk Analysis and Biocontamination Control). This sector-specific standard complies with the HACCP guidelines for the food industry, which has very high standards since it involves the handling of foodstuffs and thus people’s health.

Our staff in the laundries also inspect the towel rolls. After all, they should make an appealing impression on users. For this reason, damaged cotton towel rolls are repaired or separated out.

A real asset: The rental cycle of cotton towel rolls

The cotton towel rolls are exchanged and washed as part of the rental service. The frequency with which used rolls have to be replaced with fresh ones depends on how regularly the washroom is used: Measuring around 35 m in length, the cotton towel roll is mad eup of around 110 individual portions.

A further advantage of the rental cycle: The regular delivery and collection of the cotton towel rolls means less storage space is required. In addition, there are no costs for the procurement and maintenance of the dispensers as these are also available as part of the rental system. Should they become damaged, they are either repaired on site at short notice or replaced.

Moreover, no waste is produced when using cotton towel rolls and, as such, no costs are incurred for disposal.

After around 100 washes, the cotton towel rolls are separated out and recycled into cleaning cloths and mops.

What’s more, all CWS cotton towel systems have been awarded the Blue Angel eco-label (according to RAL-UZ 77) and the Oeko-Tex® certificate.

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