Moscow Metro bought 60 Ghibli & Wirbel autoscrubbers



In November 2017 EcoLife LLC, the official distributor of Ghibli Russia LLC, became a successful bidder for the autoscrubbers supply to the Moscow Metro. Exclusively for “Internewx”, Alexey Koloskov, the commercial director of Ghibli Russia LLV, shared bidding details.

On the 26th of July, 2017, the tender document was published for the supply of battery walk-behind autoscrubbers with initial cost of 465 357. 85 EUR. The tender for the supply of floor cleaning machines was published on the official website of the EIS – Exclusive Information System (the only information system in the procurement area) of the Russian Federation.

The customer was Moscow Metro GUP (State Unitary Enterprise). The following Russian companies took part in biddings: “Ecolife”, “MopMop”, “Karcher”, “TechnoPromEngineering”, “Fiorentini” and the following brands were represented: “Ghibli & Wirbel”, “IPC”, “Karcher”, “Fiorentini”.

On the 25th of October the procurement commission determined the supplier, and on the 8th of November the contract was signed. According to the main characteristics and technical specifications of the customer, Moscow Metro GUP (State Unitary Enterprise), Ecolife LLC supplied sixty battery autoscrubbers, the model Ghibli & Wirbel S2 80 D 70 BC, for the total amount of order 230 771.79 EUR.

According to unconfirmed information, autoscrubbers will work at Zamoskvoretskaya, Koltsevaya and Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya lines of Moscow Metro.

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More details about tender can be found on the link

Additional information about the tender can be found here.


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