New robot puts an end to manual toilet cleaning?


Manual toilet cleaning may be a thing of the past with the advent of the robot to help with this most undesirable of tasks. In the consumer sector new SpinX promises to sanitise both the bowl and seat automatically in 90 seconds.

SpinX puts a robotic brush into the toilet itself, which means you no longer have to scrub manually. The existing toilet seat is replaced with the unit – the brush is installed within the toilet lid cover. When it’s time for the machine to start cleaning it sends a soap-sudded jet stream of water into the toilet bowl and sets the brush in motion. Once it’s done, the brush washes itself with some more soap and water, then tucks itself back into its little compartment.

You don’t even have to tell the SpinX when you want it to clean thanks to the smart sensor flushing feature. It also sanitises the seat – jets spray water and soap then two dryers send compressed air onto the seat.

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