Diversey Care has acquired Daylight Medical UVC Disinfection portfolio


Diversey Care has acquired the UVC disinfection portfolio of Daylight Medical, manufacturer of innovative medical devices.

The portfolio acquired includes UVC disinfectant technologies designed to disinfect rooms, surfaces, non-critical equipment and devices. Daylight’s products offer safe and targeted dosing of UVC light to kill harmful pathogens.

“When combined with consistent and proper manual cleaning and disinfection, UVC disinfection technology has the power to reduce the spread of pathogens that can cause dangerous infections,” said Dr Ilham Kadri, president of Diversey Care.

“Daylight’s innovations are a synergistic fit with our existing infection prevention platform, which includes Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP)-based disinfectants. Adjunct technologies, such as these no-touch disinfection devices, will allow all facilities concerned with preventing infection, from hospitals to schools to airports, to add an additional level of assurance to their existing protocols.”

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