Betta-Service Company represented Innovative UNGER Product for optimization of Window and Facade Cleaning


Great news for Ukrainian market of cleanness and hygiene. One of the innovations for facades and glass cleaning made by Unger, German world-known cleaning products manufacturer, which is now safeguarding the cleanness and shining of Ukrainian windows, shop windows and facades.

Within the framework of project launching “Betta-Service” company, national leading supplier of cleaning products for Ukrainian cleaning industry, conducted training with the demonstration for such business segments as restaurants, retail, shopping malls, fuel filling stations, racing tracks, cleaning companies, public buildings, hospitals, etc.


“One of the priorities for our company is a constant development and providing our customers with innovative solutions in cleaning and hygiene. We are constantly keeping abreast of everything that happens in the world, we visit various events, we study international practices and try to introduce the most interesting and useful things in Ukraine. Sales started month ago – and we have already noticed that our latest innovation has got a warm welcome from the Ukrainian market, produced a lively discussion on the official Betta-Service pages on Facebook. This is a very important criteria that proves the fact that the production is necessary for the market, it was waited for”! – said Evelina Galoyan, the managing director of Betta-Service Company.

According to her words, Unger system for windows and facades cleaning is very simple and easy to use. This is a modular system; it can be easily adapted to individual needs and situations. The system consists of a mobile water filter with demineralization function, a pole and a water hose, a brush and a corner connector. It works autonomously and there is no need to connect it to electricity.

“Initially the system was designed for user comfort, that’s why all the working peculiarities of windows and facades cleaning were considered. It is designed to be the most comfortable and easy to use. But despite this, our specialists always go to the customer in order to make a proper assembly and put into operation at the customer’s site. As the product is new for the market, Betta-Service specialists have prepared special practical trainings for the customer’s staff. Usually such trainings are conducted on site, where everyone can test, observe and participate in the assembly of the system. – says Evelina Galoyan. – Such trainings have been already conducted for many customers in Kiev and other regions of Ukraine: these are the personnel of cleaning contractors of “Borispol” international airport and “Kiev” airport, a number of fuel stations and restaurants, shopping malls and fitness centers. This system was presented to companies that were interested in solar batteries cleaning – they were pleasantly surprised by the possibility to increase the productivity of panels up to 30% in case of regular cleaning “.

Benefits of Unger nLite ™ Hydro Power ™ DI:

  • quality and efficient window cleaning without water spots, marks and residues on the surfaces due to the demineralization of water;
  • saving time, budgets optimization and cleaning safety due to the possibility to reach a height of up to 20 meters from the ground;
  • high degree of adaptation to any surfaces due to flexible and various options for brushes;
  • environmental concern and budgets optimization for the purchase of additional detergents – the system does not require the use of professional chemicals;
  • high degree of mobility – there is no need to plug mobile filter at a socket..

One of the main advantages is a high profit. Besides there are different accessory sets for any budget.

In addition, we can talk about increasing performance of window cleaning specialists. When using the system, we increase the width of the working surface of the high-rise building construction worker (working width) up to 2 meters, which in the end gives a solution for significant savings to the customer. And thus each centimeter of a window will be washed up by pure water. Abseilers and hydraulic platform operators wash 20-30 square meters in one path without changing the water. Imagine this area, and how dirty the water will be at the end of the path! Even using tools for glass drying, you cannot do it without any water spots. Unger ensures pure water during the entire process of washing.


Unger system is designed to clean surfaces with 100% demineralized water using a removable filter with an ion exchange resin. “Ordinary tap water contains dissolved particles, which leave scales and marks on the glass, when water dries. The content of dissolved particles is measured in ppm (parts per million) – particles per million. The water is considered fully demineralized at a TDS of 0 ppm. – explains Valery Piuro, the operating director of Betta-Service. – The result of cleaning with such water is a perfectly clean glass without stains and marks. Therefore, Unger allows you to clean windows without using squeegee or microfiber. Replacement of the system filter is possible at any time and in any place with minimal distraction from the main work”.

“The system is really very effective. Today there is a problem of facades appearance and cleanliness, taking into consideration the high cost the customers refuse entirely from cleaning services, or clean not as often as necessary. I am confident that with Unger nLite ™ Hydro Power ™ DI the situation will improve significantly! Our current customers, who have already purchased the system, provide positive feedback”, – summed up Evelina Galoyan.

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