• XV International Cleaning Forum 2016
  • XV International Cleaning Forum 2016
  • XV International Cleaning Forum 2016
  • XV International Cleaning Forum 2016

XV International Cleaning Forum 2016

A year has passed since the last International Cleaning Forum was held and we can say that this year it was quite a different. From 4 to 6 October 2016 exhibitors from different countries were united under one roof at the International Exhibition Center.  XV show welcomed exhibitors from Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Greece, Germany etc.  The show was divided into three sectors:

– PRIMUS: Ambiente Ukraine

– PRIMUS: Horeca

– International Cleaning Forum

Obviously, economical recession influenced the event and the quantity of exhibitors. Alena Biryukova, PRIMUS Project Manager, says: «This year noticeably less cleaning equipment was represented, but there were more exhibitors who demonstrated cleaning products and consumables». Some manufactures of cleaning equipment prefer other promotional practices. Alena Biryukova mentions:  «For example, KARCHER, German cleaning equipment manufacturer, well-known for its huge and eye-catching booths, this time refused to exhibit at the show and decided to carry out their own seminars».

Some exhibitors shared their impression on the event. «In comparison with the previous year show this event is much busier and larger. Last year there were few exhibitors and the show seemed to be so compact and small. This year the quantity of exhibitors has increased and the show    looks very active and vivid» – says Sergey Agapov, sales manager at Solaris Company, Ukrainian Distributor of cleaning equipment, consumable and cleaning products. «To exhibit a new cleaning equipment is unprofitable deal, because people want to save money, that’s why they are interested not in a new, but a post-consumer equipment.  The advantage of post-consumer equipment is a long-lasting lifetime and 20-30% economy. In the current situation it is better to sell consumable products, because they are always requisite». – continues Sergey Agapov.

Dubno Factory, Open joint-stock company,  Ukrainian manufacturer of General Rubber Goods, shared their impression and mentioned that last CleanExpo show, Moscow, and ProMaisonShow were not  successful for them and they did not achieve the desired result, that’s why they hope that XV International Cleaning Forum will satisfy expectations.

The representatives of Cyclops SA, Greek manufacturer of plastic household products, take a great interest in Ukrainian market. Kyriakos Kavasis, Chief Commercial Officer at Cyclops SA, and Gregory Andrikos, Export Manager at Cyclops SA, say: «We exhibited here, in Ukraine, for the first time, and we are very interested in this market. We want to find distributors and sell our products in Ukraine».

KITER, Italian manufacturer of cleaning products, also exhibits here for the first time, and hopes that this show will brings success, new contacts and distributors in Ukraine.

As we can see economical crisis influences but does not black Ukrainian cleaning market, transforming it to a different form and changing the accents.  In the near future we will see the results of the show which help us to make certain conclusions and forecast.

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