4 factors affecting the future of the cleaning industry


From the ever-changing development of technology to the unstable economy, several factors play a role in the cleaning industry, for better or for worse. But those hoping to move their company forward need to be aware of emerging trends and opportunities in order to stay ahead of the game. Here are the latest trends we see having the greatest affect on the future of the cleaning industry:

1. Ordering Cleaning Services

Not only has technology influenced how cleaning companies manage their business activities, but also how clients are ordering cleaning services online through their desktop or mobile, similar to how you would order a pizza.

Cleaning companies are now becoming more connected with customers through on demand ordering of services. So how could a cleaning company like yours take advantage of customers leaning towards tech savvy solutions? A great first step would be to make sure your company has an amazing website. For many field service companies this is a major weak point. Company websites are now becoming the first point of interaction with their customers. Are you taking your cleaning company website seriously?

At Jobber we’ve provided you with the ability to integrate a form right into your cleaning website. You can easily create any type of web form, allowing customers to receive and send information like quote request forms.

2. Customer Buying Habits

Traditionally, customers would learn about a cleaning service through the YellowPages or referrals. Today, customers are more inclined to first research a company online before ordering a cleaning services (Are you catching this trend? Your website is vital)

Cleaning companies need to take advantage of this opportunity by engaging with their clients online and quickly responding back to positive or negative reviews. Staying on top of your reviews creates a community of customers that feel like their recommendations and comments are being taken into account.

Talking to customers + Applying customer recommendations = Happy community of customers!

3. Free Marketing Resources

Cleaning companies now have several affordable and affective marketing channels that can be taken advantage of such as social media or a company blog. Both these tools are free marketing resources that can help your company gain brand awareness and even customers.

Everyone can agree that posting something on social media is more cost effective than spending thousands of dollars on a marketing campaign. Social media allows business owners to engage with customers in real time, portray their company’s personality and connect with other businesses. Rest assured, this trend will only continue to grow because the ease of use and the low cost.

A company blog in particular allows businesses to share ideas, prove authority on a particular subject and can be more powerful than any social media tool (if used properly) because of its ability to generate leads.

If you want to take your cleaning business to the next level, investing in these easy to use (and cheap) marketing tactics will help your cleaning company stay ahead of the competition.

4. Natural Cleaning Products

Worldwide 83 billion dollars worth of cleaning products are produced yearly, driving new research and innovation from industries like chemistry, engineering, and of course, technology.

Increasingly, cleaning companies are purchasing natural cleaning products, creating a new trend in environmentally friendly products. That’s great news for the environment!

New research from Smithers Apex has identified a number of technologies that are both cost affective and natural that will affect the direction of the cleaning industry in the coming years:

  • The need for washing will be reduced with the use of textile surface treatments.
  • The need for packaging will be reduced as the concentration of cleaning formulations continues to increase.
  • The use of microprocessors, sensors and automatic metering of detergents will increase. This will reduce need of energy and water and required for cleaning.
  • The use of cleaning wipes will continue to grow for surface-cleaning applications.

What factors do you see having the greatest affect on the future of the cleaning industry?

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