15 Everyday Items To Throw Away For Better Health


Becoming a healthier person doesn’t only start with going to a gym three times a week. There are certain everyday items that make our life more toxic and they can cause health problems in the future. You would be surprised to know how many things in your kitchen can affect your health, and we are not talking about the additives in that mayonnaise you just cannot refuse. We are talking about things you use to keep your home artificially fresh, plastic holders you use for your food and of course, all those things you use to make your home clean, but instead, you are putting your wellbeing in jeopardy. So make your recycle bin ready to toss away all these things in order to become a healthier person.

1. First thing on the list: go to the part of your kitchen where you keep your food-storage containers and get rid of all those clear, rigid plastic stuff, often stamped with 7 or “pc”, which stands for polycarbonate. Many manufacturers have taken bisphenol A (BPA) out of the newer plastic container, but some of them still have it. You should also know that washing these containers can cause leeching of the chemicals, and that is something you don’t want.

2. Air fresheners need to leave your home. Although some companies have announced that they are getting rid of chemicals which are used to help fragrance stay around longer, many air fresheners, including solids, sprays and plug-ins, still contain this chemical which in larger doses may harm your reproduction or development. It is certainly healthier to toss away the root of the smell, than to mask it with artificial fragrance of lavender.

3. You need to realize that antibacterial soap is just a big, marketing hoax. It doesn’t kill bacteria any more effective than the regular soap. Also, antibacterial soap  may not be so safe to use, according to a 2014 FDA report. It turns out that Triclosan, the active ingredient in these types of soaps, has been proved to change hormone regulation in animals, so there is also concern that the chemical may influence people the same way.

4. You really need to get rid of that frayed toothbrush. If you are cleaning your teeth like you are supposed to- in the morning and in the evening, your toothbrush becomes frayed faster that you really think. Usually, this starts to happen after two months of use, so you should change your toothbrush every three months. Keep in mind that worn out toothbrush is less effective when it comes to fighting teeth decay.

5. We are not only talking about your physical health here. We are here to draw your attention to important everyday stuff so your mental health doesn’t suffer, as well as your physical health. That’s why you need to toss the thing that annoy you every time you see them. In other words, you need to get rid of that clutter in your house. Once your home is clutter-free, you will feel more energized and your goal will be more clear.

6. We know, it is horrible to throw away perfectly fine food. But when it comes to highly perishable food that contains animal ingredients, you should eat, toss or freeze it after three days. Listeria is a genus of bacteria that can grow to millions at refrigerator temperatures in under a week, and it is linked to meningitis, miscarriages and even death in some scary cases. So better freeze those leftovers right away.

7. There is a very important reason why you should toss that old mascara you still use from time to time. Liquid make up, such as mascara, is a perfect home to germs. That’s why you should throw away mascara after two or three months. Each time you apply it, you are applying germs very close to your eyes. One of the primary functions of eyelashes is to keep those germs away, but you are not helping your body if you use an old mascara tube.

8. Dirty contact lens case can cause an eye infection just like that old mascara tube. That’s why you should replace your lens case at least every three months. Also, it is recommended that you clean it, air-dry it facedown and you should definitely use fresh solution daily. A grimy biofilm is easily built up on the surface of your lenses and it is a real magnet for dirt and germs, which can later lead to serious eye infections like a corneal ulcer!

9. Don’t worry, those stale spices you never use won’t make you sick or anything serious, but they don’t add flavor to your food, which is, when you think about it, the very point of buying spices in the first place. Also, it will not help you cook a healthy meal or a meal with less calories when you’re on a diet. If you switch to fresh spices, you will feel the difference between a tasteless meal and an amazing lunch you will be so proud of.

10. Yes, there is an expiration date on your sunscreen. This means that the chemicals that block the sun and prevent your skin from sun, drying out and premature aging break down over time. Also, it doesn’t matter at all how much sunscreen you slather on, it will not protect you from cancer or aging risk. So don’t be cheap with your skin, because as you know, skin remembers everything, and you don’t want to build some bad memory there.

11. Basically, anything you use around your mouth collects A LOT of bacteria. When you put your lip gloss back in its tube, you are actually giving those bacteria a chance to reproduce quicker. This increases a chance of infection in case it gets into a cut or crack on the skin of your lips. That’s why you should get rid of that lip gloss after six months, or use it according to its expiration date, not longer.

12. According to the EPA, indoor air quality is 25 to 100 times worse than outdoors! If you have an air purifier at home, this can help you a lot when it comes to dust, mold and bacteria. However, it is also important to replace the filter from time to time, because you don’t want to grow that mold and bacteria you are actually trying to get rid of! It is best to check with your manufacturer how often you should change it.

13. Okay ladies, when was the last time you went bra shopping? You know how those elastic parts in bras can get stretched out over time, and your washing machine is not being to gentle to them either. By replacing your bra whenever you notice that it no longer supports your breasts as it used to, you are actually slowing the natural process of aging in breast tissues. Another term for aging in breast tissues is sagging.

14. The life of a kitchen sponge is not an easy life. Kitchen sponges get in touch with tons of germs and dangerous substances you don’t want to know about (like salmonella), but there is a solution to this problem. According to some experts, you should use a washcloth to clean dishes, and you should grab a clean one every few days. Washcloth is thinner and it dries quicker than a sponge between washes. This way, you are significantly slowing bacteria growth.

15. If you like to cook, you know the importance of a good cutting board. But cutting on a plastic cutting board can be problematic for a few reasons. Firstly, you see the lines after the first few times you use them. Once bacteria get into these lines and begin to grow, it is practically impossible to get rid of them. That is why it is recommended to use wooden cutting boards, because wood contains resins that are naturally antimicrobial.

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